Low Alpha Material solder

Low Alpha Material Solder


Download: Alpha Measurement and Control from a Supplier Perspective
Pure Technologies has been supplying low, ultra-low and
super ultra-low alpha tin, lead-free, lead and lead/tin metals
and alloys to the industry for more than 27 years and is
able to produce large, homogeneous batches which are
tested repeatedly to insure each batch meets the impurity
specification and the alpha emission rate and, even more
importantly, that the batch is at secular equilibrium and will
never rise in alpha emission rates over time. Mr. Cohn
stated that this is necessary, as it is relatively easy to
reduce temporarily the alpha emission rate of materials, but
then over time these materials can rise in alpha emission
rates and cause product liability and harm company
Pure Technologies has increased production volumes of
very pure tin, with purity of better than 99.999% (>5N) and
alpha emission rates of less than 0.001 cph/cm 2 (alpha
disintegrations or counts per hour per square centimeter).
Jerry Cohn, President of Pure Technologies, said “Our
customers require that the reliability and dependability of
their products be of the highest level and meet the stringent
specifications of their customers. The new paradigms in
CSP where often dies stack and combine operations require
the elimination of soft errors from assembly materials. Our
worldwide customers consist of solder companies,
electroplating solution manufacturers, OEMs, packaging
firms and manufacturers/assemblers of semiconductors.”
Suppliers of High Purity Low Alpha, Ultra-Low Alpha and Super Ultra-Low Alpha Solder materials for advanced packaging in semiconductors for more than 27 years.
Pure Technologies' ALPHA-Lo® tin, lead, lead-free and lead-tin alloys
reduces or eliminates Soft Errors and upsets from alpha particle emissions in
electronic devices from solders, enhances performance reliability and
reduces corporate liability.
Pure Technologies manufactures high purity low (0.02, 0.01 cph/cm2), ultra-
low (0.005, 0.002 cph/2) and super ultra-low (<0.001 cph/cm2) alpha emitting
Tin (Sn), Lead (Pb) and virtually all alloys including Lead/Tin alloys and Lead-
Free (including all SAC) alloys. These ALPHA-Lo® products are available in
various shapes and sizes - ingots, anodes, slugs, pellets, foil, rods, bricks,
tin monoxide (SnO) and lead-monoxide (PbO) powder, etc. for wafer-level
packaging, interconnects, plating solutions, and sphere and powder/paste
manufacturing. ALPHA-Lo® reduces or eliminates soft errors from alpha
particle emissions from solders, enhances performance reliability and
reduces corporate liability. All materials are guaranteed and certified to be at
secular equilibrium and are tested and retested over time before shipping to
insure that the alpha emission rate is stable and will not increase over time.
Low Alpha Lead
Low Alpha Lead-Free Solder
ISO9001 & ISO14001 Certificates
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Jerald (Jerry) Cohn, co-founder of Pure Technologies was born in Columbus, Georgia USA and a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology.
Contact:  Jerry Cohn, President
Email:    jerry@puretechnologies.com
Direct Tel:   +1-404-964-3791
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Manufacturers and Suppliers of ALPHA-Lo® Low Alpha Materials For Over 27 years
177 US Hwy 1: No. 306     Tequesta, FL 33469-2737    Email: jerry@puretechnologies.com
Phone. +1-404-964-3791   
Low Alpha Lead
Low Alpha Particle Lead
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Low Alpha Lead
Ultra-Low Alpha Lead-Free Solder
Lead-Free Solder
Low Alpha Tin
Free Technical Paper: “Measuring Alpha Particles