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Manufacturers of low alpha tin, low alpha lead, low alpha SAC305, low alpha anodes, low alpha particle lead, low alpha lead-free solder, lead, lead-free alloys and tin-lead alloys for the semiconductor industry
ALPHA-Lo®  is a highly purified form of metal that exhibits and retains, at certified stable levels, its low alpha particle emission qualities.
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Pure Technologies was founded in 1994. The company brings together successful American marketing and business
skills and superior Russian technology in metals science. Pure Technologies' principal mission is the manufacture of
low, ultra-low and super ultra-low alpha emitting tin, lead-free alloys, lead, and lead-tin alloys to reduce or eliminate
alpha particle induced soft errors in electronic devices incorporating high speed microprocessors and integrated
circuits, especially memory, logic and ASIC devices.
What distinguishes Pure Technologies from other Low Alpha material suppliers?
People:   Our technical staff of nuclear physicists and engineers have been supplying low, ultra-low and super ultra-low alpha solder materials to the electronics industry since 1994.
Proprietary Process:   We developed a unique methodology and equipment that remove alpha emitting isotopes and undesirable impurities.
Stability:   Our materials are guaranteed and certified to be at secular equilibrium. They are tested and retested over time before shipping to insure that the alpha emission rate is stable and will not increase over time.
Lowest emissions:   We consistently and reliably produce super ultra-low alpha quality of <0.001
cph/cm2. We are the only company to offer super ultra-low quality in lead based products as well as lead-free products.
Our High Purity Low Alpha Tin
Photo of Low Alpha TIn
Jerald (Jerry) Cohn, co-founder of Pure Technologies was born in Columbus, Georgia USA and a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology.
Contact:  Jerry Cohn, President
Email:    jerry@puretechnologies.com
Direct Tel:   +1-404-964-3791
Our Low Alpha Lead-Free Solder
Manufacturers and Suppliers of ALPHA-Lo® Low Alpha Materials For Over 16 Years
Pure Technologies manufactures low (0.02, 0.01 cph/cm 2 ), ultra-low (0.005, 0.002 cph/ 2 ) and super ultra-low (<0.001
cph/cm 2 ) alpha emitting Tin (Sn), Lead (Pb) and virtually all alloys including Lead/Tin alloys and Lead-Free (including all
SAC) alloys. These ALPHA-Lo® products are available in various shapes and sizes - ingots, anodes, slugs, pellets, foil,
rods, bricks, tin-monoxide (SnO) and lead-monoxide (PbO) powder, etc. for wafer-level packaging, interconnects, and
sphere and powder/paste manufacturing. ALPHA-Lo® reduces or eliminates soft errors from alpha particle emissions from
solders, enhances performance reliability and reduces corporate liability. All materials are guaranteed and certified to be at
secular equilibrium and are tested and retested over time before shipping to insure that the alpha emission rate is stable
and will not increase over time.
Pure Technologies produces its ALPHA-Lo® products using a proprietary process. Customized low alpha solutions are
offered for industry requiring other metals, including all lead-free (SAC) solder alloys. Product sales, marketing and
distribution world-wide is managed at Pure Technologies Operations Center in the USA. Through its proprietary technology,
Pure Technologies has developed a line of ALPHA-Lo® materials . ALPHA-Lo® is a purified form of tin (Sn), lead (Pb), lead-
free or lead-tin alloy that exhibits and retains very low alpha particle emission qualities. Pure Technologies is generally
recognized as one of very few commercial producers of low alpha emitting lead products with an alpha emitter less than
0.001 alpha counts per hour per square centimeter. Pure Technologies' super ultra-low alpha products reach as low as
<0.0004 alpha counts per hour per square centimeter (cph/cm 2 ).
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