The Solution: Remove the Radioactivity and Certain Metallic and Non-Metallic elements
Product Reliability and Liability
Is Lead-Free Soft Error Free?
Jerald (Jerry) Cohn, co-founder of Pure Technologies was born in Columbus, Georgia USA and a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology.
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Manufacturers and Suppliers of ALPHA-Lo® Low Alpha Materials For Over 16 Years
Pure Technologies has developed proprietary technology that removes or
reduces the alpha particle emissions from tin, lead, lead-free and lead-tin
alloys below levels that can be disruptive to high speed, small, dense, low
voltage integrated circuits. At critical intervals in the manufacturing
process, Pure Technologies removes the radioactive isotopes in the
Decay Chain of U238 and Th232 and particularly Pb210, thus reducing
significantly or eliminating Po210 , the primary alpha emitter in the
uranium decomposition chain to lead. (See Uranium Decay Chart.) For
metals and metal alloys not possessing radioactive isotopes, alpha
contamination may occur due to trace elements caused by nature and in
the handling and storing of these materials. All of our materials are
guaranteed and certified to be at secular equilibrium and are tested and
retested over time before shipping to insure that the alpha emission rate is
stable and will not increase over time.
Secular equilibrium is the state at which the alpha emission
rate will not increase any higher. In other words, it is the
maximum rate of alpha emissions and is a condition where
the decay of Pb210 is equal or less than the rate of decay of
Po210 (see Uranium Decay Chart).
Pure Technologies' ALPHA-Lo® products are used by solder
companies, electroplating solution manufacturers, OEMs,
packaging firms and manufacturers of substrates and
integrated circuits without fear that their products, or the
products in which their devices are to be used, will
malfunction due to alpha emissions from the solders used in
the interconnects and packaging.
Higher density circuitry and flip chip technology demand a
careful evaluation of metallic and non-metallic impurities in
lead and solders. Pure Technologies has in place the
processes to ensure that our customers receive only the
highest quality purity and lowest emitter levels in the
Reliability and Product Liability concerns are related to the
expanding integrated circuit applications, many involving
life or death applications, coupled with the demand for
faster, smaller, lower voltage and more intelligent devices.
Pure Technologies' ALPHA-Lo® products can be utilized
throughout the semiconductor industry to help insure
design reliability and working functionality of those devices.
In time there will be no aspect of life or commerce which
can avoid the critical reliance upon the technology of the
semiconductor industry. Pure Technologies' ALPHA-Lo®
products can assist the industry in meeting this public
responsibility by providing products that will enhance
product reliability and reduce liability issues from device
malfunctions from alpha emissions.
Many of the lead-free solders can emit alpha particles.
Typical lead-free alloys containing tin, silver, bismuth,
antimony or copper could be contaminated with small
amounts of lead and therefore alpha emitting Polonium210.
The contamination of lead-free solders is particularly
suspect for alpha particle emissions when derived from
recycled metals. Pure Technologies certifies and
guarantees the alpha emission quality of all its lead-free
solders to ensure consistency with the customers' low
alpha requirements.
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The Soft Error problem, where alpha emissions from tin, lead and lead-free
alloys can and do upset the electrical circuitry of certain semiconductors
by randomly causing a change in the logic state (changing a “1” to a “0”
and vice versa) has become more acute as semiconductor densities
increase utilizing lower operating voltages and faster clock speeds. This
has prompted the need for lower alpha emitting lead-free solder,
composed primarily of super ultra-low alpha tin. At Pure Technologies we
remove radioactive isotopes and alpha emitters from these materials in
addition to removing impurities to insure reliability and consistency. These
materials are used in the manufacture of processors, logic chips, ASICs,
and other semiconductors where interconnects and solder are near the